HDTV Antenna Installation

More local channels, clearer sound and better pictures all provided for free.

The era of TV antennas is back. This time though, it’s the new high definition technology that offers lots more. If you own a HD television, consider the many benefits you can enjoy with a HDTV antenna setup and slash unnecessary costs paying for cable TV.

First, it is worth noting that there are two types of HDTV antennas: indoor and outdoor. Indoor HDTV antennas operate inside the house and have a range of about 10-15 miles of signal reception while outdoor or rooftop antennas receive signal from a 20 to over 80 mile radius! Live Wire Installations only installs outdoor antennas.

With the recent introduction of digital TV, these antennas provide a welcome relief to those with high definition TVs for these five reasons:

1.  Free access to local TV channels IN HD. With a HDTV antenna, you can receive all the broadcasts in your area for FREE. The average monthly fee for cable TV is about $80. Paying for cable TV is really an unnecessary monthly cost that you can avoid.

2. Most providers of cable and satellite TV are located in larger cities. This means they’ll ignore the local programming. When they include  local stations, you are expected to pay more. An HDTV antenna ensures you don’t miss out on local content.

3. You can access out-of town channels clearly too with an outdoor TV antenna. 

4. HDTV antennas offer a greater deal of audio and picture quality. Cable companies will compress the heavy data signals that they have to transmit, leading to a reduction in resolution. These antennas do not compress transmission signals which means you get a better picture than cable or satellite for FREE!

5. Less to worry about with antenna installs. There’s no monthly bill to pay. The purchasing and set-up costs are minimal and only paid once. HDTV antennas are also built to last and are protected with an outer shield to protect them against all sorts of weather conditions. You can be sure they’ll withstand the harshest weather.

It's recommended that you install outdoor antennas if you live far away from the large metropolitan areas or if your home is in a valley rather than a hill, for better reception, HDTV aerials work almost the same as the normal old areas but with more modifications to handle high definition signals. Indoor antennas are easier to install and work fine in, though in a smaller radius of reception.

Hiring A TV Antenna Professional?

Do I really need to hire a digital TV antenna professional? You’ve probably asked yourself that question. After all, it should be quite a simple task that anyone can accomplish! Well, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Many injures are being reported of casualties who have tried to fix things themselves. Climbing up there on the rooftop to do the installation is very risky for any untrained person. And while you might try to save on the costs of hiring a professional to do the work for you, your life might be at risk here.

Local professional TV antenna installers have been well trained to handle all types of situations they might encounter. Let them do the job, and they will do it right. They are unlikely to slip on the job and fall down.

If you live in an apartment, unless you are installing an antenna indoors, it would be advisable to let experts do the TV antenna installations for apartments. Problems like poor reception and positioning of the antenna might arise, or sometimes, there’s a fault in the antenna that needs fixing, or some cables need to be replaced – all these should be fixed by the right professionals.

Condo TV antenna installers would do well for your condominium. You may get into an arrangement to have them install one TV antenna to serve a number of units. With this in place, you’ll get 100% PURE digital picture that you can not get anywhere else, other than from a TV antenna. This is simply because signals transmitted by these antennas do not undergo compression. In comparison, signals transmitted by cable TV and dish TV are usually too bulky and have to be compressed to be efficiently transmitted to the many receivers. This leads to a notable decline in picture and sound quality.

Establishments like hotels should also benefit by hiring Hotel TV antenna installers. The major benefit is that a single HDTV antenna installation will do well in serving all the rooms in the place. This move could hugely cut on costs and offer viewers a greater viewing experience and better sound clarity.

Hiring a professional TV antenna installer is really a wise choice as they understand all the technicalities involved. With this in mind, consider that you’ll need do less by saving yourself the hassle of understanding every bit of technical detail, while at the same time avoiding unnecessary risks – climbing on that rooftop might do you more harm than good.

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