Telephone System Design & Installation


Whether your needs are simple or complex, Live Wire Installations can help design a telephone system for your office or business that makes communication with your clients and coworkers seamless. When it comes to phone systems installation, why trust anyone other than an authorized service provider for Avaya and Panasonic products? We are proud to offer Avaya and Panasonic products for your telecommunications solutions because we know they’re the most up to date and most reliable solutions on the market. We’re sure that once we’ve installed some of our products for your business and you’ve seen them in action, you’ll agree. At Live Wire Installations, we know our products, and we have the best-qualified and experienced phone system technicians to install at your location. We also train your employees on how to get the most out of your newly installed phone system.

A phone system installation can be complex. Any mistakes made in the initial stages can cause significant problems later on that can be expensive and time-consuming. Our technicians have years of experience installing phone systems. In fact, Live Wire Installations phone technicians have an average of about 20 years of experience in the field. You’ll save a lot of money long-term when you don’t have to call in maintenance to repair a problem caused by an inexperienced installation company.

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