WiFi & Networking


Whether you’re in an office, a warehouse, or  at home, you need a strong WiFi system design that you can depend on. However, strong and reliable WiFi can be difficult to achieve for an amateur. We are ready to diagnose your WiFi issues and rectify each one. Our talented team of engineers provide you with the immediate technical insight, support and network equipment needed to resolve any wireless issue.

Poor WiFi can be caused by a number of hurdles. Common culprits that reputable

WiFi installation companies should not overlook include:

  • Radio interference caused by nearby access points or other appliances
  • Physical obstructions like walls, pillars, doors, or glass
  • Faulty access points, switches, routers and other wireless network equipment
  • Improper cabling that prevents the access point from connecting to the Internet, disrupting the signal
  • Poor positioning within property or improper placement of access points

Good WiFi, on the other hand, stems from proper knowledge and a solid plan. We offers both. Boasting over 15 years of combined experience installing custom wireless network solutions

Live Wire Installations is a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of voice, security and data cabling. Whether you are looking for just one additional outlet or a large scale project we can help. We’re a team of perfectionists with years of experience and we’ll make sure your data cabling installation completely meets your specification and is carried out professionally.

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